Train like a bro

tumblr_ksczlyqbeu1qzx4k0o1_500It doesn’t make you a douche if you train like a bro. I recently started training “bro” style and I am seeing a lot of good definition coming in, especially on my arms and back. I avoided training bro style because I worked with a trainer who would ridicule everyone for training like a bro. This trainer would call other trainers and gym goers stupid and tell them that their workouts were shit. I realized later that this trainer was just an opinionated asshat, and yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not when you put others down. If you’re not sure what I mean when I say “Bro”, it simply means splitting workouts up based on body part (i.e. Chest day, Back day, shoulder day etc..). Training this way isn’t stupid, it just means you’re putting your body through a build phase and you want to change the look of your physique. I don’t believe in training one style permanently because your body will reach a plateau eventually. Cycling your body through a few different phases will get you results. These are the four phases most trainers follow:

This is where you correct your movement patterns, mobility issues and injuries. For people who are just starting out, this is where you learn the 6 Primal Movements (Push, Pull, Bend, Lunge, Squat and Twist).

2. Build
This is considered the bro phase, your focus is to build lean muscle. The more muscle you have on your body the more calories you burn.

3. Burn
This is a phase filled with high repetition circuit training, this phase’s purpose is to burn fat to reveal your lean “bro” muscle.

4. Strength
This phase will exhaust you and make you feel amazing all at the same time. In a strength phase you’re aiming for heavy weight and low rep.

The length of each phase is based off of what your goals/timeline is. For example if you’re an athlete or you want to train like one you might spend less time in a build and more time in burn and strength, focusing on explosive movements. If you are a body builder you will spend a lot more time in a build phase.

Everyone has a different opinion on Crossfit but I think we can all agree that they are some of the best athletes out there. Their workouts are focused around primal movements and olympic lifts, they also do an amazing job at putting in burn type cardio. If you’ve ever watched the Crossfit games you’ll know that all their workouts are very different and challenging, sometimes it involves high rep with lower weight, sometimes it’s about lifting as heavy as possible and sometimes they run/row until they throw up. Crossfit athletes are skilled in every aspect of fitness, they know how to constantly challenge their bodies and even they sometimes train like a bro.

Consistency is actually key

go-fitmotivate1aSticking with anything is hard but anything worth having takes work. If you want a six pack or even if you just want to lose a few pounds it will take some blood, sweat and tears. Maybe blood is a little overdramatic, unless you’re running and you wipe out, then there will be blood. The hardest part in reaching a fitness goal is staying consistent, not just consistency in the gym but at home when you’re making a decision on what to eat. Eating clean is difficult for most people, thats why making a meal plan and meal prepping is so important. People are less likely to cheat on their goals if they are surrounded with easy grab healthy foods. Healthy snacks can be as easy as having pre cut veggies and fruit, trail mix (without delicious crap aka milk chocolate), protein powder, power balls, hard boiled eggs etc. Pinterest is a fantastic resource for all things delicious and healthy, try and focus on foods that are minimally processed and don’t have added sugar. Eating healthy when you’re prepared is not hard, sometimes you may slip up but as long as you bounce back and don’t wallow in your mistake it will be smooth sailing.

Getting to the gym at least three times a week can be hard because well it involves leaving your house. If you live in Canada and there is snow up to your armpits it’s even harder to leave your house. Weather is a legit excuse for not getting to the gym, but you can always work out at home. I am personally not a fan of home workouts but if I have no other choice, I will. Other than the weather, illness or an injury there is no excuse to not go to the gym. People often lose interest in the gym because they haven’t found a form of exercise that they enjoy. Some people like Crossfit, some people like Zumba, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are having fun doing it. If you enjoy doing something you are more likely to stick with it. It may take a few tries to find something that you want to do almost everyday but keep trying! And just remember that working out isn’t always easy, even if you enjoy it. Aside from finding something you enjoy, here are some other tips to help you make the gym a part of your daily routine:

1. Find someone to keep you accountable
Whether it’s a trainer or a friend, find someone that is going to help motivate you and keep you accountable.

2. Find a time that works for you
Some people are early birds and some are night hawks, find a time that’s perfect for you. Sometimes you have to switch up your time to fit into your schedule, but make it work no matter what! If your goals are important then the gym needs to be one of your top priorities

3. Make a vision board
This may sound crazy but it honestly works. I make my vision board on Pinterest and make a point to look at it everyday for motivation.

4. Set reward milestones
Every time you go to the gym put a gold star on your calendar (who doesn’t love gold stars?), if you make it to the gym more than 12 times a month reward yourself with a new tech gadget or a new workout outfit. Whatever you do, do not reward yourself with junk food.

5.Make a plan
Sit down at the beginning of the week, or whenever you have time and develop a plan. Make or find a workout for everyday that you plan to go to the gym, if you don’t have a plan you won’t stay consistent.

It’s ok to fall off track as long as you get right back at it, let your goals drive your motivation and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Time for Some Booty Gains

The best day of the week by far is leg day. I love walking out of the gym with a good booty pump. Here’s what leg day will look like for me:img_2155

If you haven’t tried warming up with hamstring curls before your squats, you seriously need to try it. Your hamstrings will feel more engaged throughout the squat and you’ll find you can go ass to grass easier!