Diaries of a past chubby child: Cake

Diaries of a Past Chubby Child

I love cake, some may even say that I am passionate about cake and they’re right. What’s not to love about a deliciously soft and moist (yeah I said it) pastry covered in icing. I prefer square or rectangle cakes because I love the extra icing that builds up at the corners. If you love icing as much as I do then you’ll understand my logic because corner slices are the best slices of the cake. I’m not picky about the flavour of the cake or icing (although Funfetti is legit), I will literally eat anything (within reason, I have a lot of allergies). I remember going to birthday parties as a kid and really only wanting to go because I knew there would be some form of cake. At that point in my life I really did love cake more than people. The best birthday parties were the ones where you could decorate your own cupcake, I could slather my cupcake in as much sugary goodness as I wanted. Even now, if you invite me to a party there better be some cake.

I went to vegas last year and I made it my mission to go to the cupcake ATM, it was pretty much the only thing that mattered to me when I was there. The cupcake ATM was a life changing experience. The little chubby child that still lives inside of me was shaking with excitement as I walked towards this glorious machine. I’m glad there isn’t one near where I live because that would be bad news bears. img_0288

I had an Easy Bake Oven as a kid and that’s probably what contributed to my passion for cakes, I became a cake connoisseur by the age of 8. Everyday after school I would want to pull out that easy bake oven but thankfully my mom put her foot down. If my mom hadn’t of taken a stand I might have been 300 lbs by the time I turned 10.

The day I learned how to master an actual oven, was a day I’ll never forget. I no longer had to make single serving cakes I could make family sized cakes and eat them all myself. The worst part about baking a cake is waiting for it to cool so you can put some delicious sugary goodness on it. I’m not patient enough for that so it was actual torture waiting for it to cool. Over the years I have had to build up a lot of self control around cakes, I don’t bake them just for myself anymore although I really want to. My love of cake will never die but my fitness goals come first. I’m still trying to figure out how to make a full cake fit my macros.


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