Diaries of a past chubby child: Chocolate covered Almonds


I firmly believe that the main component of my massive weight gain was due to one particular delicious oval shaped food. Chocolate covered almonds were my go-to study food in College. Anytime I was working on a big assignment or studying for an exam I would waddle my way down to the residence cafeteria and pick myself up a container of those bad boys. The sad thing about chocolate covered almonds is that you can eat them at a decently fast pace, before you know it you’ve eaten 100 of them and you’re left to sit and wallow in self pity. Even now when I walk by a package of chocolate covered almonds my heart skips and beat and my breathing becomes heavy. You’d think that because I’ve eaten close to a million chocolate almonds in my life that I would never want to eat them again, but you’d be wrong. In trying to rationalize the amount of chocolate almonds I ate I would tell myself that it’s ok because they’re almonds so they can’t be that bad for you. In reality, chocolate almonds are more chocolate than almond and that’s what makes them so darn delicious. I have more self control around chocolate almonds these days, I usually limit myself to 50, just kidding. I have learned to love almonds without their heavenly milk chocolate coating and they’re actually pretty good.

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