Product Review: Nomz Energy Bites


I used to be 250 lbs so it’s obvious that I LOVE food. I love all food, I don’t discriminate, give me something savoury and I’ll eat it, give me something sweet and I’ll eat that too. I love carbs but I also love chocolate and jelly beans and basically anything bad for you.

I’m constantly searching for healthy products that are natural and delicious. Two days ago I found the most amazing energy bites, it was a party in my mouth and all of my taste buds were invited. The company that makes them is called Nomz Energy Bites and I want to have a lifetime supply delivered to my house. The energy bites only have six ingredients: Pecans, Almonds, Dates,  Cocoa, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt. Realistically I could probably make these at home but where’s the fun in that? The nutrition info on these bad boys is bomb:

nutritionThe energy bites come in four amazing flavours, Pecan, Coconut, Pistachio and Hazelnut. So far I haven’t met a flavour I didn’t like. All of the flavours are Paleo, Vegan, Gluten free, refined sugar free and Peanut free. These bad ass bites are available at Whole foods in Ontario, various small health food stores, Western University and Pearson Airport (definitely hunting these down before my next flight).
allfoursamesize.pngDid I mention how excited I am about this product!? Because I’m freaking out, they’re that good. If you’re a person who likes food, these are a must have. I discovered that you can purchase the bites in bulk from their website and if that isn’t a sign from God then I don’t know what is. Summary: these bites are perfect for travelling and I have to learn to not eat 10 of them in one sitting.

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