How to survive a road trip

Vacay Away

This post is inspired by my recent road trip to Kingston. I’ve always wanted to tour Kingston Penitentiary (because prisons are cool, from an outsiders perspective), so my friends and I decided to drive down and live out our dreams #weloveprison. I highly recommend touring Kingston Pen to literally everyone, coolest experience ever.

Road trips can be hard to stay on track, but they don’t have to be. Planning is always the key to success and here are some of my best tips for a successful, goal crushing road trip:

  1. Pack a cooler – Road trips = snack extravaganza, pack yourself some fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, trail mix minus the M&M’s, protein bars. Pack stuff that’s easy to grab and snack on .
  2. Pack your workout clothes – A new place is perfect for running and exploring or working out in a park. You don’t have to spend hours working out, just dedicate 20-30 min to sweat.
  3. Stretch – Being crammed in a car for hours on end can wreak havoc on your mobility. Take quick stretch breaks at gas stations or pit stops along the way.
  4. Research restaurants – One of my favourite things to do is to look at restaurant menus, yes I know I’m weird. But if you research menu options it’ll be easier to make healthy choices.
  5. Have fun – I feel like a mom when I say this, but seriously just enjoy yourself. If you want to eat a burger than eat it, don’t stress about a few off track meals but maybe don’t let the whole road trip turn into a free for all.

Working Out is My Therapy



I saw the above quote a few days and it hit me so hard in the feels that I actually became emotional. Working out has provided me with the most effective stress relief. Working out consistently gives me a ‘happy’ boost, when I go through a tough time and I don’t workout, I feel very down in the dumps (down in the dumps is an understatement). It only took me like 5 years into my fitness journey to figure out the cycle, but hey at least I have it figured out now.

When you workout it starts a cascade of positive events in your body, such as a reduction in certain health risks (heart disease, diabetes etc). But more importantly your body will have improved brain function. People who suffer from depression have a smaller Hippocampus (this is the area of the brain that helps regulate mood), studies show that exercising encourages cell growth in the Hippocampus. EXERCISING IS SO NEAT.

In the words of Elle Woods:



There is also a direct correlation between the way your body feels and how your brain feels. If you’re body feels good, your brain will most likely feel the same way. Endorphins actually act as natural pain killers and they help you sleep which helps you stress less. You don’t need some expensive gym membership to get your body some endorphins, simply go for a run, skip, play outside with your friends or kids.

Here’s to stressing less and smiling more!