25 Days of Fitmas


I love Christmas. I love watching lame Christmas movies (I’m watching one right now), I love drinking egg nog and hot chocolate, I love the decorations and the holiday baking, basically I love everything about it. You know how some girls wanted to grow up and marry a prince? Well my dream was to grow up and marry Santa’s son, so that I could live in the north pole and hang out with the elves.

I decided to make the 25 days leading up to Christmas a little more fun with a fitness inspired advent calendar. The workouts vary in length from 5 min to 20 min and very minimal equipment is required. You’ll need a set of dumbbells, a skipping rope, a kettlebell or you can use the dumbbells in place of a kettlebell, you will also need a medicine ball. I have listed ring rows during one of the workouts, you can use a TRX (if you have one) or do bent over rows with dumbbells instead. I also suggest downloading a workout timer (you can get them free from most app stores), just a basic timer so you can do the HIIT and Tabata workouts and not have to stare at a clock the whole time. Most people struggle to find time for working out in December but these quick and simple workouts make it easy (and fun) to get your workouts in.

Each day has a workout assigned to it, some days are rest days and some days the workouts will be longer than others. Each workout can be found in the 4 pages following the calendar. There is a download link below each page!

Merry Fitmas!


Advent Calendar

Download Advent Calendar


Download HIIT Workouts

workout 3

Download AMRAP Workouts

workout 4

Download Tabata Workouts

workout 5

Download Core Blasting Workouts

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