Let’s Get Oily: Lavender


It seems like everyone is hopping on the essential oil bandwagon and that’s because essential oils are the BEST. I was introduced to essential oils over 2 years ago, I had been visiting a holistic health care practitioner about some issues I was having with severe allergies. She suggested I get a diffuser and test out various oils to see which ones worked the best for me.

There are a lot of different oil brands on the market, so always do your research because some oil brands won’t be as pure as other. Personally I use Young Living oils, they are the purest oils out there and they have a massive selection of oils and diffusers to choose from. Also they just recently release a make up line, which is pretty awesome as well!


I have a few favourite oils that I cycle through, my all time favourite oil is Lavender because that smell is just so amazing. The Lavender essential oil is perfect to diffuse during stressful times because of it’s calming effect. Personally, I use my diffuser most often when I’m sleeping, that way I can absorb all of the positive benefits while I’m sleeping and bonus:  the lavender oil can help you sleep! If you’re a fan of baths (which I am totally not a fan of) you can add a few drops of lavender to the bath oil to create a more calming bath experience. Besides it’s calming effect, lavender is a mild antidepressant, antibacterial and it can even help relieve migraines. It’s so amazing to me that things that are found in nature can be so healing for our bodies. Have you ever watched that youtube video where this guy is just like walking around in nature and saying everything is neat, well that’s how I feel right now and always when I talk about natural remedies.

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