Take Some Time Off

Fitness wellness

It’s ok to take time off from the gym. Let me repeat that, it’s ok to take time off from the gym. Yes, it’s important to be consistent but sometimes your body just honestly needs a break. If you’re feeling run down or weak during your workouts it may be a sign that your body is feeling overloaded. If you’ve been working out consistently for a few months, your body probably needs a break. When you take a week off from the gym when you’re body truly needs it, you end up going back feeling fresh and fully recovered. Taking a week off won’t make you lose your gains – it takes about 3-4 weeks of not working out to start losing your “gains”.

Recovery is so important to ensure longevity in the gym. Things like eating enough protein, getting enough sleep, stretching frequently and taking rest days or a recovery week occasionally are all-important factors in recovery.

On your week off from the gym, try and stay consistent with your normal eating habits, you don’t want throw everything away all at once. I know personally, I always feared that I would gain weight if I took too much time off but the truth is that if you continue to eat whole foods, your weight shouldn’t change. Eating well during a week off ensures that you go back to the gym with good energy levels and feeling like a badass.

When you take a week off from the gym it can also be beneficial for your mental health. Working out is a great stress relief but sometimes we can get caught up in planning and scheduling and weighing that we actually stress ourselves out.

You may feel guilty even thinking about taking time off from the gym and I’m here to tell you that it’s ok. Your body needs to rest, your brain needs to rest and you need to take time for yourself to just relax. Read a book, binge a Netflix show (I’m currently obsessed with Suits and I highly recommend it), go for a walk find something relaxing or find something that you love and haven’t been able to do in awhile. Enjoy yourself and don’t feel guilty for giving yourself a much-needed break.

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