Protein Bar Guide


I’m a firm believer in eating whole foods as much as possible because whole foods are your best bet for optimal health. That being said, I understand that when you’re on the go or traveling that a protein bar is an easy snack. Protein bars are great but a lot of them are loaded with sugar and fillers – some protein bars have the same amount or almost the same amount of sugar as a chocolate bar. If I were going to consume sugar, I would choose the chocolate. Just because something has protein or is advertised as a “health food” doesn’t make it healthy. I have had a lot of questions about protein bars and I wanted to compile a few of my favourite bars that taste good and won’t spike your insulin.


Protein Bars by Julian Bakery

This brand has a wide variety of protein bars, they offer paleo bars made with egg whites and pegan (paleo vegan) bars made with seed protein. All the bars that I have tried from them have around 1-2 grams of sugar and the ingredients are squeaky clean. I find the bars super chewy but they have a really good flavour.

Iron Vegan


I have recently become obsessed with this brand, I load up on them before I travel or if I’m craving something sweet. They currently offer 4 flavours: Double Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Chocolate Chip, Sweet & Salty Caramel, and Coconut Cashew Cluster. My two favourites are the Double Chocolate Brownie and Sweet & Salty Caramel. These bars have 4 grams of sugar, 17 grams of fibre, 16 grams of protein, they are gluten free and they’re made from ingredients that you can actually pronounce. These bars are perfect for vegans and people that can’t digest milk protein. The Iron Vegan brand also makes a killer protein powder as well.


RX Bar

If you’re a whole food fanatic then the RX Bar is the perfect bar for you. The RX Bar is the IMG_0590perfect travel companion for anyone Gluten & Dairy free (not suitable for vegans because each bar does contain egg white protein). RX Bars contain 12 grams of protein, the sugar content looks high (most of them have over 10 grams of sugar) but if you read the label, it’s completely natural sugar, nothing added.



Quest Bars

Quest bars were the first protein bar that I ever became addicted to. I can’t eat them anymore because my body does not like dairy but I do remember them tasting amazing and they were amazing when I was craving all the desserts. Quest bars do contain Sucralose but they say it’s only a very small amount so overall they’re a decent protein bar with 1 gram of sugar.


I’m sure there a lot of other great brands out there, but these four are the ones that I’ve tried and that I can put my stamp of approval on. If there’s a brand you love and think I should try then let me know in the comments below!

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