Recipe: Vegan Christmas Bark


Currently wanting to eat anything and everything sweet because it’s Christmas and I’m working on my winter bod. Being gluten free or dairy free or both around the holidays can make it really tough, while everyone else is enjoying all the food, you’re left sitting in the corner in the fetal position. Having food intolerances make it way easier to stay on track during the holidays but sometimes you just want to eat some fucking chocolate.


My mom is literally the best baker I know, Christmas is her olympics, she usually bakes for about 2 weeks straight. One of my all time favourite things that she makes is M&M Christmas Bark but because I am severely intolerant to dairy, I can no longer stuff my face with it. This year I decided to make a Christmas Bark that I could actually eat without any negative consequences besides possible weight gain. This Christmas Bark recipe is gluten free, vegan and delicious. This is loaded with sugar and is definitely not something to eat on a regular basis but it’s the holidays so treat yo self.


Vegan Christmas Bark

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