January 2018: A Month of Self-Love


Many people start off the New Year trying to change themselves but not enough people start off the New Year learning to love and accept themselves. 2017 saw a huge spike in the self-love and body acceptance movement and I am all for it, the more love we have for ourselves the more kind and genuine we are to other people. If you love yourself and accept your flaws you are way less likely to pick apart another person, imagine if everyone loved themselves, there would be less trolls on social media and more “you got this!” comments.

Self –love can look different for everyone, for me self –love means working out, eating whole foods and using Beyoncé quotes as affirmations. Working out and eating whole foods makes me feel good about my body and myself. When I workout I focus on how I can perform and not how I look, I would love to wake up with a six pack tomorrow but I focus on progression not perfection. One day I might wake up with a six pack but until then I’m focusing on being better then I was yesterday.

I’ve created a full month worth of self-love to help you get off to a positive start in 2018.

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January 1st – Write down your goals for the month

I personally like sitting down at the beginning of each month and setting a goal for myself, some months I have big goals and other months they’re small. Setting goals is motivating and good way to think about what you would like to accomplish. Your goal could be to complete all 31 days of self love or your goal could be to feel better about yourself, whatever your goal is, you can do it.


January 2nd – Listen to a motivational podcast

I have gotten super into podcasts lately, I listen a podcast when I get ready in the morning or when I take a bath. Podcasts are a good way to learn and motivate yourself. There are tons of motivational podcasts out there but two podcasts that motivated me this month are:


Bucci Radio Episode 69: The Holistic Power of Food, Mindfulness & the True meaning of Self-Love.


Earn Your Happy Episode 191: How to Grow Your Business by Growing Yourself with Andy Murphy.


January 3rd – Go for a walk/run

Preferably get outside to go for a walk/run but if you live in Canada it might be a little too cold for this. Walking or running can be very relaxing and help you think, put on your favourite playlist or podcast and just go.


January 4th – Write yourself a love note

Sit down and write the things you love about yourself or things that will motivate and inspire you when you’re going through a tough time. After you’ve finished put the love note somewhere that’s easy to find and pull it out when you’re feeling down or unmotivated.


January 5th – Create a vision board

Create a visual reminder of what you would like to accomplish in your life using images and words that inspire and motivate you. Vision boards are a great way to dig deep into what you truly want out of life.


January 6th – Take a long bath

I used to hate baths but recently I’ve found them to be extremely relaxing. Light some candles, diffuse an essential oil and just relax.


January 7th – Watch your favourite TV show or movie

Personally, nothing makes me happier than curling up and watching The Princess Diaries, there’s just something about that movie that brings me pure joy when I watch it.


January 8th – Sit in a quiet room and meditate

Some benefits of meditation include:

-Reduces stress

-Increases self awareness

-Improves concentration

-Increases happiness

-Learn to accept the things you can’t control



January 9th – Have a good sweat sesh

Find a workout that you enjoy and sweat your butt off. Having a good sweat sesh is like an instant happy pill and it’s a great stress relief.


January 10th – Recite some positive affirmations

You can make your own affirmations or find some online, my favourite sources for affirmations are Beyoncé and Louise Hay.

Click the link to find some amazing affirmations!





January 11th – Buy flowers for yourself

You don’t need someone to buy you flowers; you can buy yourself flowers whenever you want.


January 12th – Eat lots of fruits and veggies today

Good food = good mood, eating whole foods is a great way to feel good and boost your mood.


January 13th – Go on a date with yourself

Go to the mall or the movies or to dinner, learn to be comfortable doing things by yourself.

January 14th – Take a nap you deserve it

Napping is honestly one of the greatest things and Sundays are the perfect nap day.


January 15th – Blast your favourite playlist

I feel like this is self explanatory, personally listening to my favourite musicians is an easy way to put myself in good mood.

January 16th – Practice a yoga flow

Much like meditation yoga is a great way to become self-aware and to de-stress. I am no expert on yoga so I suggest going to the link below to find a flow that works for you.



January 17th –Write down what you’re grateful for

Practicing gratitude is actually really good for your health and relationships. Practicing gratitude can encourage deeper and healthier relationships, encourage kindness, you become less self centered and more optimistic.


January 18th – Be more present turn your phone off

I’ve always loved the idea of doing things and being around people that make you forget to check your phone. When you’re not checking your phone you’re able to fully engage with the people and things around you.

January 19th – Drink lots of water

Self-love includes making sure that your body is functioning optimally, water is the best way to flush toxins and feel energized. Aim to drink at least 2.5 litres today.

January 20th – Get a manicure or pedicure or both

No better feeling then getting pampered, plus manicures and pedicures are good for circulation.


January 21st – Go make up free for the day

Your skin deserves a break from time to time, especially if you wear make up every day. Embrace your natural beauty and become more comfortable in your own skin maybe even treat yourself to a facemask.



January 22nd – Write down the things you love about yourself

Similar to writing a love letter, only this time in point form, it’s good to remind yourself of why you’re awesome.


January 23rd – Diffuse an essential oil

Some of my favourite oils include peppermint, lavender, citrus or the stress away oil from Young Living. Diffusing essential oils can boost your mood or relax you.

January 24th – Do something today that fills you with joy

Things that bring me joy:


-Playing with Dogs


-Working Out


January 25th – Clean and reorganize your room

This may sound like a chore to some but going through your stuff and giving away things you don’t need/use is an amazing stress relief.


January 26th – Cozy up with a book

Start a new book or read your favourite book again, reading gives you a mental break from staring at a screen.


January 27th – Explore a new part of your city

Try something new or go explore a new place, learn to be comfortable and confident doing things on your own.


January 28th – Complete a D.I.Y. project

If you’re like me, you probably have a Pinterest full of things you want to make, but just haven’t had the time to. Set aside some time today to complete a project you’ve always wanted to do.


January 29th – Take a break from social media

Social media can be an amazing thing but too much social media can lead to feelings of unworthiness and low self-image.


January 30th – Plan your ideal day

I’ve read a lot of articles written by really successful people that promote the idea of creating your ideal day or your perfect day. Write out your perfect day starting with how and where you wake up and going through until you go to bed. Maybe your ideal day would be waking up in a house by the beach or maybe you would want to wake up in a condo over looking New York whatever it is dream big guys.


January 31st – Make your favourite comfort food

For me comfort food is the best thing in the world, my personal favourite is Mac & Cheese.

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