I’m clumsy, blonde and I love fitness. I developed a love for fitness at a young age, playing competitive hockey for a few years. Despite my love for sports, I was always bullied for being “fat”. Turns out I wasn’t fat, I just hit puberty before everyone else. Developing boobs and hips made me feel out of place alongside my classmates.

Fast forward to college and I’m not even joking I gained the freshman 50. In my defence I had become extremely ill during my first three semesters and I wasn’t able to do anything physical (I couldn’t even walk around my dorm room without feeling like passing out). Turns out I had been dying for six months and had no idea. I received four blood transfusions that literally saved my life. I sunk into a depression after getting out of the hospital, being told you should have died is a mentally challenging thing to deal with. I finished my schooling and moved back home. As soon as I came home I started falling in love with the gym again, I became a certified trainer so I could better understand how to help myself. The weight seemed to just fall off my body, it was an amazing feeling, I no longer felt trapped in my own body. Throughout my weight loss I learned to fall in love with my hourglass figure and embrace my birthing hips. I always thought I wanted to be stick thin, now I just want to be Beyonce.


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