The Banded Frog Stretch

Leg Workout

Tight hips are the biggest mobility issue that I see as a trainer, this is because a large amount of people spend the majority of their day in the seated position. The longer we sit the more likely the muscles in our hips are to tighten. Are you able to go to full depth (ass …

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Protein Bar Guide


I’m a firm believer in eating whole foods as much as possible because whole foods are your best bet for optimal health. That being said, I understand that when you’re on the go or traveling that a protein bar is an easy snack. Protein bars are great but a lot of them are loaded with …

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Tips for Getting Back on Track


December is a scary month for most of us, we’re spending a lot of money, anyone and everyone is bringing you baked goods or candy canes, egg nog is being funnelled into your mouth and you just can’t seem to say no. Suddenly it’s New Years Eve and your favourite pants don’t fit, you have …

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