Tips to crush your goals this week

New week, new you right? Here are some tips for keeping on track this week:

  1. Be Prepared – Meal prep is the best and easiest way to stay on track for the week. With healthy already made meals in the fridge it becomes a million times easier to stick to your goals.
  2. Schedule Out Your Week – Grab your planner or print off a calendar, make sure to schedule in workouts, social time and whatever else you need to do or want to do for the week.
  3. Take it One Day at a Time – Don’t stress about the days or the numbers just try and get through one day at a time, one decision at a time.
  4. Prepare for Detours – Think of all the things that could get you off track this week and come up with a plan or plans to avoid getting off track. Maybe this includes bringing snacks wherever you go or drinking more water.
  5. Don’t Reward Yourself With Food – Stop rewarding yourself with food, food is fuel, it is not a reward. Come up with a special reward for yourself, maybe it’s getting your nails done or buying new workout clothes.
  6. Don’t be to Hard on Yourself – If your week doesn’t go as planned don’t put yourself down. Negativity is not the answer, pick out the positives from the day or week and be happy with what you did or achieved, it doesn’t matter if it’s small or large.

Good luck this week guys, I’m rooting for you!

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How to Overcome a Protein Bar Addiction

Step 1: Admit you have a problem

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  • Do you eat protein bars frequently or in replacement of meals?
  • Do you experience irritability or mood swings when you don’t have a protein bar?


Step 2: Seek support

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  • There are no registered support groups for this addiction.
  • Reach out to a family member or friend.
  • Always post to social media when you’re making a life change, if it’s not on social media, it probably didn’t happen.


Step 3: Rid your house, car and gym bag of all protein bar remains

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  • Get rid of all temptation and by get rid I mean throw out, DO NOT CONSUME.
  • Throw out any left over wrappers, you may be tempted to huff the wrappers.

Step 4: Cold Turkey

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  • Don’t try to slowly ween yourself off, cut it out completely. It’s for the best, I swear.


Step 5: Create an action plan

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  • This may include avoiding certain sections of the grocery store or never leaving your house again, find something that works for you and stick with it.

Step 6: Do not go on Pinterest

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  • This might possibly be the hardest step, you think it’s fine to just look up some DIY house decor and next thing you know you’ve pinned 10 protein bar recipes.

Step 7: Unfriend anyone who offers you a protein bar

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  • Promptly slap that protein bar out of their hand.
  • You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, besides didn’t they see your post on facebook about not eating protein bars? How rude.

Step 8: Preparing for cravings

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  • It’s bound to happen at one point or another, when the craving hits simply stop whatever you are doing, get down on the floor, and curl up into the fetal position.


Meal Prep Like a Pro

I consider Sunday to be the international day of meal prep. Sunday just feels like the perfect day to get shit done, it also feels like the perfect day to stay in bed and watch Netflix so I often spend my Sunday’s having an inner debate with myself. Meal prepping is important to stay on track with your goals, if you already have food cooked up it becomes a lot harder to cheat and a lot easier to stay on track. Preparing food in advance also saves you money and who doesn’t love saving money?!

I learned early on in my fitness journey that I don’t enjoy eating the same meal everyday (unless it’s eggs & or bacon). When I first started meal prepping I would spend a good chunk of the day cooking and then cleaning up my mess, now I have meal prep down to a science. I usually only spend a maximum of two hours on meal prep (and that includes clean up!) so I can spend the rest of the day binge watching Shameless on Netflix. My meal prep consist of cooking up two kinds of protein, cutting up veggies, cooking some veggies and of course cooking up potatoes. Throughout my weight loss journey I’ve learned the art of mix & match meal prep.  I like to mix and match my meals throughout the week, some meals I’ll have a salad, some meals I’ll have a stir-fry or zucchini noodles, and sometimes I’ll eat my protein with a side of raw veggies, variety is key to not getting bored. When I first started losing weight I ate so much ground turkey that even thinking about eating it makes me gag, this is how I learned a very valuable lesson about variety.

Here are some of my tips for a successful meal prep:

  • Try to cook as many things as you can in the same pan or dish. Quickly wash the pan in between cooking, it makes the clean up so much easier.
  • Buy easy to grab spring mix for salads or my new found favourite product Mann’s Broccoli Slaw, it’s amazing. I like to cook it up with some garlic and coconut aminos, it’s ready to go in under 10 min! You can also just eat it as a salad or add it to your salads for some extra crunch. I found it at Wal Mart for like $2, best money I’ve spent.
  • Plan ahead. Pinterest is my go to for quick, healthy, delicious recipes. I spend most Saturday’s on Pinterest dreaming about what I’m going to cook on Sunday.
  • Make a Grocery List – Spend some time thinking about what you want to make for the week. Going to the grocery store without a list is very dangerous and not recommended. Whenever I go to the grocery store without a list I come home with a lot of bacon and not much else.
  • Mix & Match Meal Prep – seriously try it, it’s a life saver and a time saver.
  • Make your Crock Pot your bitch – make a big batch of chili or drumsticks or meat balls or pot roast or basically anything because Crock Pot’s are God’s gift to humans.
  • Crank some Beyoncé and have a dance party while you cook just don’t burn yourself or the food.
  • Invest in glass containers – there’s something seriously wrong with heating up plastic containers. You can buy a full set of glass containers for around $30 and they last a lot longer then plastic, unless you drop them.
  • Cook the complicated or time consuming foods first – I like to get my potatoes cooking first, while they’re in the oven I can cook up a few other things.

Meal prepping doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Find a method of meal prep that works for you, if you’re the type of person that can eat the same meal all the time and you like it then do it that way. You don’t always have to meal prep on Sunday, sometimes I meal prep on a Tuesday night, make time in your schedule for it and get it done. Here’s to a successful week of crushing goals!

Make good choices everyone!